G6S Normal by Testing


      In our search for Firecracker, we were looking for a new buck that was higher generation, quality lines, AND polled, since we really do not enjoy disbudding the kids (the fewer we have to do the better).  Those three traits are not easily found!  We searched for a while and came across B-52 farms and were able to bring this little guy home.  Firecracker's dam has a very well attached udder and comes from good milk lines.  His sire comes from an untested herd (although a doe from the same herd freshened with an excellent udder), so we are taking a little bit of a gamble on him.  Hopefully Firecracker will produce really nice kids that are polled, and doelings that freshen with fantastic udders.  Time will tell!

DOB: 5/14/15

Sire: Eddy Place Firestone

        SS: Eddy Place Sherman

        SD: Eddy Place Frostie

Dam: Paradise Tahira

        DS: Paradise Hercules

        DD: Paradise Sagira

B-52's I'm A Crackling Firecracker (Firecracker)

5th Generation & Polled


Firecracker's Dam: Paradise Tahira

We were told that Tahira's udder looks similar to her dam's udder, Paradise Sagira.


Firecracker's Grand-Dam's udder:

Paradise Sagira  


Firecracker did well in the 2015 Fall V-Show!  

Under one judge he was 1st in his age range, and was the Reserve Grand Champion Jr. Buck!

Firecracker's Fall V-show Pictures- 2015