Golden Plains IB Electra


5th Generation

Sire: Green Gables DOF Ignorance's Bliss *B

        SS: Green Gables SF Dash of Freedom *B

        SD: Green Gables SS Hershey's Bliss *P

Dam: Moon Light Constellation *P

        DS: VCH Echo Hill's GD Cassanova +B

        DD: Carpenter Ranch Heidi

DOB: 3/27/19

                                                   G6S Normal by Parentage


      Electra is a beautiful mix between her dam and her sire.  She has better ears than her sire, and a much sweeter personality than her dam.  Her dam has a nicely shaped udder with good attachments and peaks at over 8 lbs of milk in a day.  She is the first daughter that we have kept out of Iggy, and we are really looking forward to seeing what he does for her in the udder department!  Electra has also stayed smaller than our other goats.


Electras' first freshening udder after a 12 hr fill