If you would like more pictures or information on any of the goats for sale, please feel free to contact me!



Moon Light Constellation *P (Stella)

5th Generation     DOB:4/27/13

$650-in milk

Visit Stella's page for more information!

Moon Light Willow


6th Generation     DOB:5/24/14


Visit Willow's page for more information!


VCH Green Gables Freedom's Winchester


4th Generation     DOB:2/09/14


Visit Winchester's page for more information!

Golden Plains T3 Diesel


6th Generation     DOB:3/18/18


Turbo X Stella 
Diesel is registered through MDGA.  His sire unexpetedly died last year, so we used him on two of our does that his sire was supposed to breed.  His dam is one of our best does with a very nice udder who easily earned her milk star last year.  We have retained his full sister, Lyra, for our own herd.  His other full sister, Trixie, freshened this year with a super socked on tight udder!  Pictures of her udder below.

All Ears *B (Al) 

5th Generation     DOB:3/10/19


Carpenter Ranch Rapunzel *P x

Green Gables Ignorance's Bliss *B


5th Generation     DOB:3/13/19


Laz E Acre's Mimsy Mae *P x

VCH Green Gables Freedom's Winchester

 Maremma  LGD

Red $350
We have 1 male Maremma still looking for his new job!  He was born on December 9th.  Born and raised with the goats. Currently living with our bucks and his sire.

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