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Golden Plains FW Kaleidoscope 2*P


5th Generation

Sire: VCH Green Gables Freedom's Winchester +*B

        SS: Beloved Freedom +B

        SD: Green Gables B Dolly 3*P

Dam: Moon Light Constellation *P

        DS: VCH Echo Hill's GD Cassanova +B

        DD: Carpenter Ranch Heidi


DOB: 3/5/16

                                                  G6S Normal by Parentage


      We are super excited to have retained this beautiful girl!  Kali is out of our best milker, Stella, and our amazing buck, Winchester.  We were not planning on being able to keep doelings that year, but we unexpectedly had more doelings born than what we thought we would have.  What a wonderful surprise!  Kali is as sweet as can be, and will follow me away from the herd, as long as I have a treat in hand.  Kali freshened with a well attached udder and the easiest to milk teats I have ever milked!  Kali is my go to goat for teaching people how to milk because of how completely relaxed she is on the stand.  As long as she has food in front of her, she doesn't care what you do with her!  I am very impressed with her udder attachments and nice sized teats.  As a second freshener, she milked 4.28 lbs on her first 12 hr. fill.


Kali's second freshening udder after a 12 hr fill

Kali rear.JPG
Kali side rear.JPG
Kali side.JPG
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