Laz E Acre's Mimsy Mae *P

(Mimsy) SOLD

4th Generation

Sire: Moon Light Gavin

        SS: VCH Echo Hill's GD Cassanova +B

        SD: Carpenter Ranch Ariel

Dam: Little Angels Farm Dot to Dot

        DS: Cornerstone Farm Dirty Harry

        DD: Moonstone P Phoebe

DOB: 3/2/15

                                                          G6S Normal by Testing


      We are so happy to have Mimsy here now!  We didn't have as many doelings born in 2015 as we had hoped, so we decided to bring in a new doeling.  As we were looking, we found Mimsy at Laz E Acres farm.  Mimsy has some of the same bloodlines that we already have (her sire is a full sibling to one of our does, and 1/2 sibling to many of the others), and we love what the udders in those bloodlines look like.  Her dam also has a very well attached udder.  Mimsy is a really sweet goat and we look forward to seeing her mature more!  She freshened with a well-attached udder.  Her teats are on the short side, although she's still pretty easy to milk.   She peaked at about 8 lbs of milk a day.

Mimsy's first freshening udder after a 12 hr fill/separation from kids

Mimsy's Dam:

Little Angel's Farm Dot to Dot                                           

Dot to Dot's udder     


Mimsy's Sire:

Moon Light Gavin