Delilah, Tiffany & Maximus

Purebred Maremmas





        When we bought our goats, we really had no plan of getting a Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD).  Then it came time to put them in their new pasture, and we were hearing coyotes, lots of them, really close.  We even saw a few close to the goat pen.  We then realized our need for an LGD.  We researched breeds and were looking specifically for a breed that was known for being very good at their job, and also known for being a little better with people than some of the other breeds.  That is when we stumbled upon the Maremma.  We searched for Maremmas, but they are hard to find in our area!  We finally found a three month old puppy in Idaho.  We were able to bring our female, Delilah, home and she has been wonderful!  Even as a puppy she showed great signs of being a good guardian dog.  She quickly became friends with the goats and would bark at coyotes yipping, and anything that would come too close to the pen. Delilah has been such a good addition to the farm that we brought home another Maremma puppy, Maximus, in April 2016.  We were planning on breeding Delilah, and keeping a puppy to help her guard (as they work best in pairs), but due to unforeseen circumstances, that did not occur.   In January of 2017, we brought Tiffany, another female Maremma, home to work with Delilah.  They are now best buddies!



DOB: 2/28/14


DOB: 7/?/16


DOB: 11/26/15

      Delilah is a really sweet dog.  She loves her people, and she loves her goats!  She is with the goats full-time and continuing to bark at the coyotes, and she has defended the goats from snakes, eagles, owls, gophers, and salamanders (those vicious salamanders).  She stays with the goats, watches over them and is good about finding the high spots to watch from.  Delilah is also really good and patient with the goat kids, letting them climb all over her.        

      Tiffany comes to us from Washington state.  We got her when she was a little bit older (around 6 months), as we weren't really wanting a puppy at the time.  We are VERY pleased with Tiffany!  Her attitude with people, with Delilah, and with the goats has been wonderful!  She is a gentle dog that loves attention, and responds well to training.  She has also been great at helping Delilah guard, barking at anything she perceives as a threat.

      We were thrilled to add Maximus to our farm.  He comes to us from Kansas.  His puppy face was sooo adorable, as he had these fluffy eyebrows, so he always looked serious.  He was in with Delilah for a little bit, and she helped train him into his position as a guardian dog.  He is currently in with the bucks, making sure that nothing gets into their pen that's not supposed to be there!  So far, Maximus has been great at his job!  Max is wary of new people, but is very loving to those he knows well.

Delilah with "her" kid. 


Max while he was "in training" in the doe pasture.


Delilah on duty.


Tiffany watching her first goat birth.

Max growing up.  


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