Golden Plains T3 Lyra's Song 2*P

6th Generation

Sire: Eveland Farm's Turbo 3-G

        SS: Paradise St Patty's Guiness

        SD: Country Pride Farm Shimmering Starr

Dam: Moon Light Constellation *P

        DS: VCH Echo Hill's GD Cassanova +B

        DD: Carpenter Ranch Heidi

DOB: 3/18/18

                                                  G6S Normal by Parentage


      We really wanted to keep another daughter out of Stella as we believed that she was one of our best does overall.  When she had this girl, we couldn't pass her up!  Plus, Lyra is the first daughter that we are keeping out of our buck Turbo.  As you can see, she has fantastic breed character.  Lyra is an in-your-pocket type of goat and is definitely the boss in the pasture.   Lyra freshened with a very well attached udder that we are super excited about.  She easily earned her milk star this year on the one day test, milking 7.72 lbs with 3.93% butterfat on the one day milk test.

Lyra side b.JPG

Lyras' first freshening udder after a 12 hr fill