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Golden Plains IB Moonlight

Sonata *P (Moonlight)

5th Generation

Sire: Green Gables DOF Ignorance's Bliss *B

        SS: Green Gables SF Dash of Freedom *B

        SD: Green Gables SS Hershey's Bliss *P

Dam: Green Gables Clair de Lune

        DS: Echo Hill's DO Goldstone +B

        DD: Green Gables Cali Luna 4*P

DOB: 3/02/20

                                                   G6S Normal by Parentage


      Moonlight is not one that we planned on retaining, but when she wasn't picked off of the deposit list, we took pictures of her to sell, but we saw just how beautifully she was put together and just had to keep her!  She is as sweet as can be, and both her sire and dam come from fantastic milking lines, so we expect a lot out of this little doe.  Her dam, Clair, has a well attached udder, but did not give us what we believe her genetic potential was, peaking at about 5lbs a day her second freshening.  Clair had been picked on a lot by the herd, which might account for her lower production.  Moonlight freshened with a very well attached udder and there isn't much that I would change about it!  She has good lateral attachments, a fairly smooth fore udder, good teat placement with good teat size.  Her udder is capacious and has a super soft texture.  As a second freshener on her first 12 hr. fill, she milked 3.8 lbs of milk.


Moonlight's first freshening udder after a 12 hr fill


Moonlight's second freshening udder after a 12 hr fill

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