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Reference Bucks


Carpenter Ranch Sterling

6th Generation


DOB: 4/14/13

Sire: VCH Echo Hill’s GD Cassanova +B

        SS: Echo Hill’s Dozer Dun It *B

        SD: Echo Hill’s Grace

Dam: Carpenter Ranch Jewel

        DS: Echo Hill’s Cracker Jack

        DD: Rocking Goat Cinnamon



       Sterling was our first buck that we owned.  He was a really sweet buck with a great personality, being a little more quiet and timid, yet LOVED attention.  He respected people without being scared of them.  He came from good milking lines, with his dam having a nice well attached udder.  He was a good looking fellow that passed down good conformation to his kids.  He did, however, have control over his ears and threw several kids with 2/3rds drop ears instead of the full flop.  Because of that, and him being related to most of our does, we ended up selling him to someone who will use him on their full-sized Nubians.  We did retain one of his daughters and we also have his full sister in our herd.

Eveland Farm's Turbo 3-G

5th Generation



Sire: Paradise St Patty's Guiness

        SS: Fertile Earth Farm Alchemist

        SD: Blue Oak's Sunrise

Dam: Country Pride Farm Shimmering Starr

        DS: Country Pride Farm Zacchaeus

        DD: Echo Hill's Nakita

DOB: 2/21/16

                                                    G6S Normal by Testing


      When we found Turbo, we were not actually searching for a buck.  When we saw him though, we just couldn't pass him up!  He brings in some new genetics, good show background, and wonderful breed character.  His dam, Star, is a finished show champion with both registries, TMGR (The Miniature Goat Registry) and MDGA!  Star has also won best udder in show.  Turbo himself is a handsome fellow and has won in the show ring, being the Jr. Buck Grand Champion at the Wine Country Classic in summer of 2016.  We have been very pleased with his kids so far.

Turbo passed away suddenly of unknown causes.  We have retained his daughter, Lyra, who will continue to pass on Turbo's genetics.

Turbo's Dam:

Country Pride Farm Shimmering Starr


Turbo's Sire:

Paradise St Patty's Guiness


Visit for more information on Turbo's parents.

      G6S Normal by Parentage


      We were so excited to bring this boy home in February 2014!  We really wanted to get some Green Gables bloodlines into our herd, and we couldn't have been more happy with Winchester!  He is a friendly guy who is fairly easy to handle.  His conformation is good, and his milk genetics are wonderful.  His dam, Dolly, has a super well attached, easy to milk udder and gave 7.4# of milk in one day at about 12 weeks fresh!  Winchester's sire, Beloved Freedom, also comes from great milking lines.  Winchester has also done VERY well in the MDGA V-Shows and has earned his VCH title.

      We have freshened 5 of Winchester's daughters, have seen pictures of 2 other daughters, and saw one other daughter in person.  He is not consistent in improving udder attachments; some are about the same as their dams, but others are better.  He does consistently improve udder texture, teat length, orifice size, and longer more consistent lactations.  He is only 1 daughter away from earning his +B milk award, which I suspect he will earn next year when I put 3 more of his daughters on milk test!

      He is a BIG boy and IS over height!  He is 33" at the withers.  His kids are born at a normal size though, and as far as I have been told, none of them have gone over height.

Sire: Beloved Freedom

        SS: Rambler's Fairhaired Boy

        SD: Rainbow Hill Freckle

Dam: Green Gables B Dolly 3*P

        DS: Green Gables EHJ Beethoven

        DD: Echo Hill's Molly O'Malley *V 2*P

DOB: 2/09/14

VCH Green Gables Freedom's Winchester

4th Generation


Winchester's Sire:

Beloved Freedom

Dolly's Udder

Winchester's Dam:

Green Gables B Dolly 3*P


Visit for more information on Wichester's parents.

      Winchester's daughters' udders

Prim rear.JPG
Prim side.JPG
Sass rear.JPG
Sass side.JPG
Kali rear.JPG
Kali side.JPG

                                                    G6S Normal by Testing


      In our search for Firecracker, we were looking for a new buck that was higher generation, quality lines, AND polled, since we really do not enjoy disbudding the kids (the fewer we have to do the better).  Those three traits are not easily found!  We searched for a while and came across B-52 farms and were able to bring this little guy home.  Firecracker's dam has a very well attached udder and comes from good milk lines.  His sire comes from an untested herd (although a doe from the same herd freshened with an excellent udder), so we are taking a little bit of a gamble on him.  Hopefully Firecracker will produce really nice kids that are polled, and doelings that freshen with fantastic udders.  Time will tell!

DOB: 5/14/15

Sire: Eddy Place Firestone

        SS: Eddy Place Sherman

        SD: Eddy Place Frostie

Dam: Paradise Tahira

        DS: Paradise Hercules

        DD: Paradise Sagira

B-52's I'm A Crackling Firecracker (Firecracker)

5th Generation & Polled


Firecracker's Dam: Paradise Tahira

We were told that Tahira's udder looks similar to her dam's udder, Paradise Sagira.


Firecracker's Grand-Dam's udder:

Paradise Sagira  


Golden Plains CF Thunder King (Thunder)

6th Generation & Polled


DOB: 3/10/19

                                                    G6S Normal by Parentage


      We were not planning on keeping another buckling from the 2019 kidding season, but we just couldn't pass this guy up!  He has one of the longest and most level rumps in our herd, has decent breed character (much better than his sire's breed character), is polled, and is out of our heaviest milker, Jazmine.  We really like this guy and are looking forward to watching him grow and seeing what type of kids he produces.  We have also kept one of his litter-mate sisters (he was a quad!)

Sire: B-52's I'm A Crackling Firecracker

        SS: Eddy Place Firestone

        SD: Paradise Tahira

Dam: Moon Light Jazmine *P

        DS: VCH Echo Hill's GD Cassanova +B

        DD: Carpenter Ranch Ariel


Thunder's Dam:

Moon Light Jazmine *P

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