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Welcome To Golden Plains Mini Nubians!

Winchester with an attitude!

A sunset looking over the does' pasture.

About Us


John and Sarah Drga live on the family farm 30 miles SE of Big Sandy, MT.  The farm primarily produces wheat and barley, but also raises rabbits, dairy goats, and meat goats.


Why Goats, and why Mini Nubians?

I (Sarah) got my first goats when I was 8 years old.  They were two Nigerian Dwarf doelings and I instantly fell in love with them!  Two years later I unfortunatley had to find new homes for them due to my family moving.  I still wanted to have goats, so about a year after we moved, my family built a shed and fence and made it possible for me to have goats again.  I loved my Nigerians, so we (my parents mostly) searched for a breeder in our area.  That is when we came across Green Gables.  At that time they were still raising some Nigerian Dwarfs and just starting with the Mini Nubians.  We bought a bred Nigerian Dwarf from them, and then a year later, bought our first Mini Nubian.  It was at that time that I started falling in love with the Mini Nubians.  They were really the perfect size, I liked their milk, and I LOVED their floppy ears and personality.  Years later, I did end up having to sell my original Mini Nubians when I left home and went off to school.


Coming running for attention!

When did we start with Mini Nubians again?


When my husband and I moved to the family farm, I really wanted to get back into goats, especially Mini Nubians, as I love their personality and they are more economic than full-sized goats (they produce about 2/3rds the amount of milk on 1/2 the feed).  We decided to raise some and were originally planning on getting a couple of kids in the spring of 2014.  However, while looking on Craigslist we found a few close to us with good bloodlines, so we decided to start early.  Our first three Mini Nubians on the farm arrived in early November, 2013. 


What traits are we striving to raise?


We would like to raise it all!  We are striving for goats with good overall conformation, the long Nubian ears and roman nose, udder capacity and good tasting milk, personalities that are friendly and easy to handle, and color is just a plus!  We are also striving to breed for goats that are easy keepers and don't need a lot of maintenance.  We would also like to try to work with higher generation goats (selling 5th gen and up).  Can we do it all?  Hopefully!



Fun Fact


The background of this website is a picture of one of our wheat fields ready to harvest.

Our herd is tested CAE/Johne's negative. All abscesses that have occurred were tested and all have come back negative for CL.


We are proud members of the

Miniature Dairy Goat Association!

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