Golden Plains FW Mayflower (Mayflower)

5th Generation

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Sire: VCH Green Gables Freedom's Winchester +*B

        SS: Beloved Freedom +B

        SD: Green Gables B Dolly 3*P

Dam: Laz E Acre's Mimsy Mae *P

        DS: Moon Light Gavin

        DD: Little Angels Farm Dot to Dot

DOB: 3/21/20

                                                   G6S Normal by Parentage


      Mayflower is the last daughter out of Winchester that he produced for us.  We had yet to keep a doeling out of Mimsy, but wanted to and were not disappointed with this girl!  She is the nicest looking kid that I have seen out of Mimsy yet, with good breed character, and moonspots!  She also has a calm and loving personality.  Her dam, Mimsy, is not my highest producing doe, with peaking just under 8# a day, but she is known for keeping a steadier production and having a longer lactation than most of my higher producing does.  Mimsy's biggest fault is that her teats are small, which is why she was bred to Winchester, as he has consistently put longer easy to milk teats on his daughters.  We are really looking forward to having this girl around!

Mayflower's first freshening udder after a 12 hr fill

Mayflower rear_edited.jpg
Mayflower side_edited.jpg
Mayflower fore udder_edited.jpg